So... what exactly is SW Designs?

Good question. Short answer: anything you want. I started out by working on graphic design for fun, but I now work on canvas art, create digital portraits and illustrations, and curate custom designs for both personal use and business use.

What is the normal turnaround time for a custom order?

This depends on the amount of prints needed, how intricate the design should be, and the edits requested as I work on the art. Typically, the turnaround time for a completed print will be a week or two, not counting shipping. If the request is time sensitive, this may be able to be accommodated.

I'm looking for a custom order for my business, how does that work?

Once you submit a request, we will reach out to you within 1-2 business days. We want to make sure that we correctly understand what type of graphic are looking for and can create something you absolutely love. You can send over design ideas, pictures you would like to be referenced- otherwise, we will collaborate to come up with a vision that aligns with your branding.